colorado recap

Getting home and looking through all my photos makes me miss it so much and the incredible time I had. Soaked up so much  while there...so much laziness, shopping ( probably too much shopping!) yummy food, fun car rides and just hanging out.

This scenery just gets me every time. Those majestic mountains are just so incredible.  I think I took just a few too many pictures of the mountains.

This was the first trip I'd ever taken with out my camera.  I almost felt lost without at and half way through the trip was kinda mad at myself for not bringing it, but it allowed me to enjoy it in a different way and for the most part I'm glad I did. And besides, taking pictures with a phone is fun too...you get such a different perspective than you do with a camera.

So summer pretty much feels like it's over now. I loved summer - every moment of it, but I'm ready for fall ~ I say bring it on! 


Road trip

My poor little blog has been so neglected the past few weeks! So much going on! Although I Love this busy season of life so much, I'm loving the break from it right now. Took a little road trip with my incredible friend to Colorado. Loving it so very much out here! The scenery is ever so pretty and the cooler weather is sooooo amazing! Cant get enough of being outside and soaking it all up. I can't imagine living where you can see mountains when you look out your windows...people are so lucky that get to live out here!