the most wonderful time of the year

And just like that the Christmas season is over! Such a wonderful time of the year though....i have so many special memories to treasure from it. I know I didn't finish up all my photos from each day of December, but they're all in here...all my favorites from the last week of Christmas.  time spent with family, snow, delicious food, lots of special dates with my guy, pretty sights, warm drinks...so so much. I love looking through all the photos taken over and over again. It really was a magical christmas! ♥   Hope yours was too!

And now it's on the the New year!


this weekend

12.15.12 - 12.17.12
Yup, spent the whole weekend sick in bed. And when you're sick in bed, there's not much take a picture of. Still not completely over what ever it is I have but at least I'm not stuck in bed now, and that thought alone makes me feel so much better!

Paper whites - flowers my mum grows around Christmas. I think they're so pretty..and it's so nice to see a blooming flower in December!

Only 6 more days till Christmas!!


Dinner out tonight, Christmas shopping then another walk to look at the lights...trying out some filters. I love that he loves photography as much as I do...we have so much fun taking pictures together. Tonight it was pretty cold outside....and it felt so good. Christmas doesn't  feel right with warm weather and to finally have cold weather felt so amazing and refreshing. 

I found a recipe for Nutella cinnamon rolls via A beautiful mess that I've been wanting to try for a while. They turned out pretty epic. We ate them warm with butter and a bit of ice cream.  I love baking around the holidays..just so fun and even better with the person you love. 




Had the intention of taking a picture today at 12:12, but I remembered at 3:00...so much for that!
Ended up being home today which wasn't expected so I pulled out my boxes of vintage ornaments and decorated a little silver tinsel tree for my sisters room...then got to playing around with the camera. I love the color white so much around Christmas! so soft and pretty! ♥

Shopping in the big city today with the sisters and mom! Haven't been shopping with all of them in so very long and it was a blast!  Christmas shopping is just so much more fun when you're not doing it alone!  Love all the red captured in these images!

Christmas is such a magical time of year...loving it so very much!

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas by Relient K on Grooveshark


wishing for winter

Wishing for cold weather and some snow sooo very much. That's one of my favorite things about Christmas and winter and it doesn't seem right without either of them.  I want to wear sweaters, and have to bundle up all warm to be able to go outside...I want to curl up inside and snuggle with some tea and watch the snowflakes come down. 

I guess until that happens, I'll have to content myself with thinking about it and looking at pretty pictures like these!!

december daily

Church today and a little bit of time with my guy. Most of these photos are from other days in December. Loving being able to capture little glimpses here and there of Christmas. 

wanting to badly to take some Christmas photos and get creative but there's too many other things that are waiting to be done so it will have to wait....why must December be such a busy month?


december daily

hello self-portrait

A tradition every year is to make Peppernuts -a Swedish recipe that's been in the family for a long time. 

Breakfast date with Jacob. Waffles + ice cream. The rest of the day was pretty crazy...nice to start the day off with just the two of us. 

Playing with glitter and paper today. I am also documenting these photos in a little album...got the little album started.  I love documenting life so much...especially life right now.

Loving this song


hello december

Loving that December is here. Loving all the sights and sounds that come with this month and season.  
Last year I did a photo a day and posted here, and want to do the same this year.  I love being able to document this month this way. Makes me appreciate it all the more.  

For me though the Christmas season sorta started the end of November.  

A walk around the park to look at all the pretty lights.  Although the lights were pretty nice to look at, the company I was with was so much better.

A day of shopping then a Christmas concert.  I love anything with music!

Wedding with a friend at a beautiful venue - loved these doors going into the chapel.

Spent the evening putting up the Christmas tree and decorations.  Loved that I got to do it with my guy.  Being able to enjoy Christmas traditions like this with him has been so incredibly special.

Coffee brought to me at work today by Jacob...I love him so much!!  I think it's neat how most coffee places change up the appearance of cups for the season...so festive, and red! Makes drinking coffee so much more fun

One of my favorite songs so far this season is Home for the Holiday by Sugar and The Hi Lows. Love listening to it over and over.  I've been loving finding lots of new tunes to listen to.  Music is one thing I have going pretty much non stop the month of December.  Would not be Christmas without music.

So loving this month so far, and looking forward to the rest of it so very much!