i'm back

I know I've terribly neglected this blog the last 4 months! Our little Eleanor arrived the middle of September and life hasn't been the same since!  It is pure joy to take care of this sweet baby every single day. I think back on her birth and still can't believe my body did all that. That this sweet baby was inside me. It seems so impossible!  Babies are such a miracle!

This little baby has brought such change....late nights, tiredness, new experiences, new routines, new body...but I love it all!  I love the change, I love being the one this little one relies on for everything. I love the late night feedings, I love the little clothes, I love the tiny feet, I love the snuggles, I love her tiny cry, I love her pretty smile, I love seeing the bond between her and her daddy.   I love this mommy thing so much!


oh baby

It still feels so unreal that I have another person inside of me. I still can't imagine what life will be like with a baby. I can't imagine being a mum. I feel so un-prepared for motherhood. Afraid of the mistakes I'll make. Scared of the responsibility of raising someone in this world.  But then on the other hand, I can't wait to love on this baby, to show it what a beautiful world we live in. To see it's smile, and hold it in my arms.  To raise it with the man that I know will be the perfection of fatherhood. To teach it to love my heavenly father. 
The day can't get here soon enough that I can hold it in my arms. Getting things ready and making little clothes has been such a joy while waiting. So hard to believe that any day now, my life will be changed forever. 


oh summer

I don't know where summer went. Seems like it was just June last week.  Life has been busy with getting ready for this baby, work and staying cool and I don't know what else! My camera, sadly, has sat on a shelf most of the summer. Life just feels like it's speeding by.


green things

I never thought I would like plants. Always disliked them growing up. Hated having to water them and the mess they made when they would get knocked over, but guess what.. but now that I have my own home I find myself liking them and even wanting to plant a garden! I love that feeling of getting something to grow and look pretty! I can totally understand my moms love for plants now. Unfortunately the garden thing didn't work out for this year ( maybe next year!) but I did manage a few potted plants and herbs - thanks to my mom!  Only have a few succulents so far but plan on expanding that collection!

 Oh and I've only killed one so far so that isn't too bad?  Love having a bit of outdoors inside, and loving that I can walk out my back door and have fresh herbs to cook with.



Making: little things for our baby.
Drinking: water - lots of it.
Reading: 'The Help" and pregnancy books. getting back into reading has been so refreshing. 
Wanting: to complete so many projects. 
Looking: for ideas for our home.
Playing: with fabric. 
Wishing: for more self motivation. 
Enjoying: a strawberry and kale smoothie.
Liking: evenings with my husband.
Going: to miss my younger sister who's moving away soon.
Wondering: what life will be like with a baby, what type of parent I will be.
Loving: anything that is the color, mustard yellow. 
Hoping: for success in new ventures.
Marveling: at this little one growing inside me.
Smelling: summer evening air.
Wearing: shorts and t-shirt - literally one of the only 5 things that fits me.
Following: my dreams of being a wife and  mother. 
Noticing: how fast life goes by and how fast it changes. trying to make every moment count.
Thinking: constantly about the baby.
Feeling: so loved.
Bookmarking: baby clothes to make.
Giggling: with my best friend, every single day. he makes me so happy.
Feeling: grateful. So very grateful.


pink and pink

Wishing so much these blossoms would last all year. I can't get enough of their pink beauty. 


baby bump

This blog has been neglected the past few months because our lives have completely changed due to this little one growing inside me. ♥ My husband and I couldn't be more happy.  I'm so excited about this next phase in life. I've always dreamed of being a mother and it still seems so unreal that it's happening...such a different feeling having a little one inside of me..being able to feel it move and seeing my body change because of it.  I so can't wait to meet this little one and hold it in my arms. ♥  

Photo credit goes to my super talented friend, Lydiah!  Thank you Lydiah, I will treasure these photos forever!