nine things

9 random things about me
(and only 9, because I couldn't think of a 10th one!)

♥ ♥ ♥

1. Favorite font ever is Century Gothic. I use it for e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g.

2. If there is a blank piece of paper and a pencil or pen in front of me, within minutes, that piece of paper will not be blank. I can't help but write on any piece of paper I see. Random words or whatever is going through my mind or around me...I've even gotten to the point of carrying a notebook and pen with me if I know I will have some time on my hands - I just pull out my notebook and scribble away.

3. I can live without Chocolate...I do enjoy it form time to time, but I can go months without having any and be just fine.

4. When I'm bored, ( take that back - I don't get bored! ) -when I'm not in the mood for anything else, I will browse and watch music videos that were made in the 60's. Not necessarily for the song itself, but because it's like getting to see a bit of what life was like then. This one is my recent favorite.

5. I love cleaning. It's a pleasure for me.

6. I have this thing for small glass bottles. Clear ones, green ones, blue ones, short ones, tall ones....and they're so perfect for holding one flower.

7. There's only one food I'm addicted to - and that's popcorn. (The hot air popped kind - not the microwave kind!) For snack, for lunch, for bedtime snack, for movie time....there's rarely a week that goes by without it.

8. I dislike reading so very much, but I buy myself plenty of books and force myself to read them.

9. My dream is to someday be a wife and mummy to someone special - but until then, I'm loving this season of life.

♥ ♥ ♥


summer thoughts

Oh, I've been a really bad blogger of late...the business of the summer and school starting has taken over my time. I can't believe summer is about over...where did it go to?! And it's been the loveliest of summers too... so many new things, new places to see, goals accomplished, memories made. 'Tis been lovely. I'm enjoying every last minutes of it, while at the same time anticipating fall!!
I just love that seasons change.

I love the above photo taken by the very talented Ashley Oostdyck? It makes me happy every time I see it!

Loving these engagement photos. So sweet.

Don't think me funny, because I have no idea why this photo intrigues me. Everything about it.

A verrrrry cute and in-expensive way to wrap a gift. I've got plenty of maps laying around that would be perfect for this!

This diy floral headband tutorial would be the perfect project and be so pretty to wear!


postage loveliness

One thing I love about our American way of life is the way pretty things get incorporated into our everyday lives. One being through the use of postage stamps. I've been a casual stamp collector as long as I can remember, (thanks to my Dad and late grandpa) and have always loved picking out a stamp to match my letter. If you've ever wanted to add a pretty little something to a post card or letter, you would have quite a variety of stamps to choose from ( yes, there are other stamps beside that brown Liberty Bell! )
anyway. Back in 2008 The Postal Service issued this pane of stamps featuring Charles and Ray Eames and some of their design work. They were a husband and wife team who were designers in modern architecture and furniture after WW II. I LOVED these stamps sooo much and was soo excited when they came out. They looked sooo pretty on an envelope! I'm so sad you can't buy them at the post office any more

At the end of June of this year they issued another pane of stamps celebrating American Industrial Design. I just saw them a few days ago and it was instant love! I'm going to have to go think of someone to mail a card to just so I can use these stamps. Of course, if you were to mail me something I wouldn't mind either *wink*
The typewriter and yellow and orange dinnerware are my very very favorite. Which is yours?

I need one of those pencil sharpeners too.


hello traveling

oh the loveliness of traveling the past two weeks with family. I took so many photos on the way that I had such a hard time picking out my favorites! Hope you don't mind lots of photos!

I think this is my very favorite photos from the trip - traveling with little kiddos makes for lots of smiles and giggly moments...and this picture tells that story so well.

Our travels were in the Southern states, so we saw some of the prettiest buildings and houses. Yes, this white building is a rest area.

Whipped Cupcakes -the cutest little ice cream shop ever!

Having a bit of fun with the mirror

the view outside my hotel window...someday I want to find out what it's like to live in a high rise apartment.

In my opinion carousals are the bestest things ever for little kiddos.

When traveling, Whole Foods is a favorite stop for lunch. They have some delicious panini sandwiches!

Evening walks along the waterway in Woodlands, Texas.

I'm so sad that it's over..


urban outfitter loveliness

Dear Urban Outfitters. You carry some of the loveliest things ever. Your website is serious inspiration. You are so distracting.

Chevron chairs are so retro. I love the grey and white.
I wouldn't mind waking up on a pillow like this and drinking a bit of tea out of this cup

Can anyone say cute?! *sigh* this has got to be the cutest fish eye camera ever!! I think I realllly need one.

Leaves - so perfect for a wall. love it.

okay...now what was I doing?....