leaving january

One of those days I can't get anything accomplished off my long to-do list...so many distracting things, phone calls, thoughts....seems impossible on days like this that I'll ever get anywhere! And of course, being on here wasn't in my priorities today, but who cares!

I'm so excited January is almost over. usually I don't want it to end because it is one of my favorite months, but I want it to be over because that means it will be one month closer to spring, and closer to getting married!  All the sudden time seems to crawl and I can't stand it!  Was looking through my phone pictures this morning from this past month...lots of favorite pictures...lots of special memories made. It was a good month, but I'm so ready for February!

Now about getting something done yet today.....Happy Monday   



Loving today despite the fact that I woke up sick. Not letting that spoil my day. Loving this winter day, loving the coziness of being inside where it's nice and warm!

Working on wedding planning today..lots of phone calling, texting, searching online...feels so unreal to be planning *my* wedding.  Enjoying every moment of it. Loving that there are only 80 days until our wedding!!!!!

Loving the fact that when I look outside my window there is snow on the ground. I love that so much!
Listening to this song today:

Lovers In Japan by Coldplay on Grooveshark

Happy Tuesday


hello 2013

This year started off so unexpectedly and so perfect.  My Jacob asked me to marry him on New Years Eve.  Happiest moment of my life and a dream come true! God has been so good to me in bringing our lives together. I love how God has written our story over the past few years and has now brought us to this. Jacob is everything and so much more then I've ever dreamed of. He's become my best friend and companion over the last few months. I love him so much, and to now think that soon I'll get to spend the rest of my life with him...that someday soon I won't have to tell him goodbye, only goodnight...that I'll get to spend my every waking hour with him.  Excited and happy doesn't say it enough. I'm the luckiest girl in the world! ♥   

Loving the newness of it all. Loving the special-ness of it. Loving the idea that someday soon I'll be his wife. Loving being so incredibly happy! ♥

Oh..did i mention that it snowed New Years Eve?!!

This year is going to be the best year ever!