leaving january

One of those days I can't get anything accomplished off my long to-do list...so many distracting things, phone calls, thoughts....seems impossible on days like this that I'll ever get anywhere! And of course, being on here wasn't in my priorities today, but who cares!

I'm so excited January is almost over. usually I don't want it to end because it is one of my favorite months, but I want it to be over because that means it will be one month closer to spring, and closer to getting married!  All the sudden time seems to crawl and I can't stand it!  Was looking through my phone pictures this morning from this past month...lots of favorite pictures...lots of special memories made. It was a good month, but I'm so ready for February!

Now about getting something done yet today.....Happy Monday   

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  1. Maybe it wasn't on your list of things to get done today, but I'm sure glad you posted today. :)
    Love ya!


thanks for your lovely note!♥