Sitting here in a hotel with a box of Kleenexs, drinking tea and sniffling. yep, I'm sick. Don't you envy me?! I'm traveling with my sister and her family right now and came down with something a few days ago. Not fun at all, but....I've got a good book to read and three smiling little faces to entertain me!! Read this post How to Start by Leo Babauta today. Soooo good. Yes, this post is so un-interesting....promise to be back soon with something lovely♥


happiness found in the everyday.....

huge bouquets of daffodils...oh they smell so good!

leisure walks with sisters down a country road

hair in a pony tail...fast easy and super cute!

juicy oranges, and fresh spinach and lettuce out of the garden

clothespins on the line...because that means it's warm enough to hang the laundry out!


ohhhh yellow!

ohhh spring! You've arrived, and I'm SO happy! With it you've brought such lovely yellow flowers!
Yellow makes me happy.
Today I wore flip-flops outside, and and my toes were so happy!
Today I felt a warm breeze on my face as I hung laundry on the clothesline, and oh was it happiness! ♥


spring fashion

I came across this Sessun Collection of clothing today via Lovely Clusters, and I fell in love instantly...I love the softness and feminine flair of it all...I love the style, colors, everything. *sigh*

this lace top is so lovely!
love the print on this blouse...i love the colors they used

Although I would never be caught wearing them...those checkered pants are sooooo adorable!! Don't you think?! Sessun has lots of adorable accessories and shoes too ( especially shoes!) I had such fun looking around their website. And who ever does Sessun's photography does an absolutely amazing job!


spring breezes....

This lovely model (aka, younger sis) wanted to do a spring photo shoot on the spur of the moment....and it's a favorite! It was SO windy that day ( of course!) but we made it work! I love when we decided to do something like this last minute - there's no expectations, and we always love what we end up with!



So I didn't get a chance to blog today like I thought....should have know things would come up! It always happens that way. Aren't these tulips simply gorgeous?! I just can't take the beauty of these in whenever I look at them...they make me sooo happy! They were bought for a birthday luncheon I'm putting together for my mom's friend tomorrow. Doing it a vintage/springish theme...it's going to be so cute ( well that's' the plan anyway -if it all turns out that way!) I'm so excited about it!

It snowed allll day today! can you believe that? I want spring, not snow! but I guess it IS still winter.

Some birthday decorations are waiting to be finished up....be back soon lovlies!♥


such a lovely day

These past few days haven't lent myself much time on the computer...thus haven't found much to share on here! But I did check into one of my favorite blogs this morning angela hardison and these two images totally made my morning! They are so bright and cheerful and so springish! I love reading Angela's blog...I love her photography...it's so real life, but yet so clean and refreshing.

Have any special plans for the weekend? I don't have any yet, but with the lovely weather we're supposed to have, I'm sure something will come up - it always does!
Be back next week with some lovely inspiration!! May your weekend be filled with happy moments


it's raining..it's pouring....

hello rain...how I love you. you inspire my day. you make me glad to be alive. you make everything look fresh. you're a sign that spring is coming soon.

This is my rainy day song!

Feeling a bit sick today...coming down with some sort of bug I suppose. But I'm not planning on letting it stop my day...have birthday party plans to make, ( my sis is turning 19 soon!) and some room re-arranging to do!

May your day be simply lovely friends♥


for the love of milk

I love milk. I love drinking fresh milk. I like it even better when it comes in a cute jar. The only thing lacking is a cute little red straw to sip it with!
I think this jar will make a darling vase for flowers, come spring!
(Thanks to Shatto Milk Company for the lovely milk bottle and of course, delicious milk!)