wednesday quote

This has always been a favorite quote of mine.  I have it posted on my mirror where I can see it every day.

spring break

Nothing like a bit of traveling for break!  I love being able to step away from life for a bit....to see new things, go new places meet new people and spend time with special people in my life.  But I really love that it gives one a fresh perspective on things.  Gives one a chance to think things through in a different  setting.

And nothing like beauuuuuutiful weather to enjoy it all!!  (Yay! for Spring!) Such a lovely week!
Let's get back to real life now.


spring sunset

oh oh oh! I spy budding trees and pretty flowers blossoming everywhere, and they make me so very happy...spring is almost here!  I love that since this time change, the sun sets later in the day, thus making it possible for me to take photos outside once I'm home from work. I really like that.

Loving feeling the warm breeze almost every day.
Loving being outside.
Loving evening runs.
Loving the fact that I could go barefoot this week...(my toes are so happy)
Loving the fact that there is a boquet of yellow daffodills in my room
Loving that it's only 5 more days until it's officially spring.

Happy Thursday! ♥


pretty luncheon

I know it's kinda late to post about valentines, but I did want to share these photos from a little valentines luncheon I helped my mom prepare for some special people.   Didn't use much....just some pretty pink roses, pretty dishes a few doilies and some paper-cut hearts.  Sweet and simple.

I so do love the color pink.