let it be christmas

It's tradition around here to make gingerbread houses out of graham crackers with the kiddos the day after thanksgiving....we turn up the Christmas tunes and go at it and make one big mess! Gotta love frosting and candy strewn all over the kitchen! ( I'm still finding frosting stuck to my clothes hours later!) But it's such a fun time, and I love it so much...it's so worth the mess! ( oh, and that little pink house in the picture is the one I made with all the left over candy, which btw, way there wasn't much of. Ha!)

So now we're into the Christmas season. I'm not too excited yet, but I'm sure I will be soon. Yesterday was such a lovely day...didn't do much but eat and play with the kiddos, but lots of special memories! How was your thanksgiving?

I'm off to pack for spending the weekend with friends! Happy weekend!


tomorrow is thanksgiving!

Okay, so I have to admit I wasn't excited for thanksgiving until I woke up this morning. It really hit me laying in bed this morning that I didn't have to go to work today! No more work till next week! yay! That means I could have slept in, but by then I was to excited to sleep. Who wants to sleep when there baking to do and a house to clean! I already have half of my to-do list completed...I'm cruisin'! I made pecan pie for the first time today - easy peasy! why haven't I ever made it before today?

Anyway, I'm so excited for tomorrow....I get to see some of my very favorite people, eat some yummy food and it's just going to be a all around lovely day- I just know it!

So grateful for life, for friendships/relationships, for those little every day things I tend to take for granted. I've been soooo blessed! Grateful for all you who take time to read this little blog! love you guys.

Off to finish my pumpkin pie! Happy Thanksgiving, lovelies!


for the love of fur

I'm really loving the look of fur right now...and I think that's so odd because I've never ever liked it before. But I'm lovin' it now! Especially the fur vests...I love that look paired over a blouse! oh so cute! And I love how you can style it for either a casual or dressy look.

I love the accessories paired with one on the left and of course, Sydney from The Daybook can make anything look cute!

That jacket with the fur collar is sooooo cute! I really need one of those.


the leaves are almost gone...

It's hard to believe that in just about one more week the Christmas season will be upon us. I've been sooo careful this month to avoid thinking about Christmas, listening to that music, and even looking at ideas. ( you should be so proud of me!) Trying to savor every last moment of fall. I didn't get very many things done off my fall want-to-do list, but oh well! Got a few more pictures taken the other day before the rest of the leaves all fell off the trees. Now they look so bare and cold! ( time for them to be covered in some pretty snow now!)

Here's a pretty little tune I've enjoyed listening to this week.

If I Was by Young Rebel Set on Grooveshark

I just realized today that I have just two things left on my 2011 goal list to finish. Just TWO! I totally can't believe it...and those last two things I am hurriedly working on - they are so going to get done. This is like the first time ever that I will have completed my entire year goal list! I'm am soooo over the top excited. Am so going to celebrate when I mark that last one off! Yes, that was random.

Happy Tuesday, Lovelies!


11.11.11 challenge

I took the challenge....This is me today on 11.11.2011 at 11:11am. Thanks to Lizzy for posting the challenge! ( she's one of my very favorite bloggers!) ♥

Did you take a picture too?

I am thinking of taking another one tonight at 11:11pm....after all, how often will this happen?! Happy Friday!



oh my. Just came across this picture
here, and ohhh they are so perfect for a day like today! It makes me feel all cozy inside looking at these pictures. * sigh *

because today is monday

Because it's a cloudy rainy day. Because I'm wearing stripes. Because I'm wearing my favorite shoes. Because have a big to-do list, that's gonna get done today. Because my favorite music is playing on grooveshark. Because I'm going to eat a bowl of soup for lunch. Because today is Monday. Because I am beyond blessed!

Happy Monday, lovelies!


it's the little things.

Loving the coziness and warmth of sweaters

Looking out the window and seeing the leaves blowing around.

Savoring the yumminess of a cup of tea every morning.

Excited for the month of November.

Listening - to this song. Oh so pretty!

Grateful for friends.

Liking this post "The Silliness of Busyness" by Courtney Carver. It was meant for me.

Eating dried apples. Mmmm so good.

Loving leaving for work early enough to catch the end of the sun rise.

Enjoying the sound of quietness.

Grateful for sister to sister talks. Every girl needs this often.

Reading ‘See You at The Top’ over and over again.

Wishing everyday could be as lovely as yesterday.