delights of the season

Loving so many little things this fall....

Pretty green apples, ( which of course, get made into all sorts of yummy things to eat...)

Pretty colored leaves and acorns. I just love acorns. (but you already knew that, I know)

Who doesn't love pumpkins? I picked up a bunch of white ones for my room, and they look so pretty sitting on my dresser!

Pumpkin pie. I know, you're not supposed to make it before thanksgiving, but I did. I couldn't wait that long. And part of it went into smoothies....yum!

Getting to wear boots. oh I love wearing them so much!

And more pretty red apples. I could eat apples every day.


oh lovely day!

One of those lazy fall days. One of those days where I don't feel like doing a single profitable thing- so I'm not! Wishing it wasn't so cold out so I could go lay in the leaves under a tree and read a good book. Instead, listening to music and thinking about some sort of fall treat to make. Trying to decide between a pumpkin pie or some sort of snack food. Which shall it be? Maybe I'll go and do something off my "want to do fall list."

Has it really been over a week since I last blogged? Goodness. Where did the time go.

What do you think of the new blog header? I was getting tired of the other one. I'm so loving that shade of yellow right now.

(Photos above by my talented sis.)


taking a break

Taking a break from cleaning to enjoy these yummy homemade graham crackers (recipe here) and a peach smoothie. Enjoying today so much. Loving the warm breeze outside. Loving the feeling of a clean house. Excited that some of my very favorite people are coming tomorrow.

Happy that the weekend is finally here.


bits and pieces of vacation

Normally on vacation or anywhere I go, I have my camera always handy and take sooo many photos. This trip was different. For some reason I never felt like taking pictures, I just felt the want to forget about about pictures and enjoy the moment. And I'm glad I did. So many special memories made, and I may not have pictures for them all, but I have the memory to treasure forever. From the few I did get, these are some of my favorite.

I found out how much I love (well most of it!) Korean food after eating it for a week!

An afternoon spent at the Airborne and Special Operations Museum. That place was so amazing!

Gotta love little dogs!

I love sister pictures. ( Who doesn't?! )

Two-hour walk along trails, surrounded by nature in it's finest colors!

Surrounded by lots of handsome little guys! And this one even let me take his picture!

I have this thing for acorns.....

Up north in the prettiest farming community ever! Walks in corn fields and pastures, trips to the dairy barn, hanging out in a barn full of hay, picking bouquets of flowers from the roadside ...oh it was lovely!

Love this girl sooo much! Such a beautiful person inside and out!

The joys of flying!

Oh it was such a lovely vacation.