delights of the season

Loving so many little things this fall....

Pretty green apples, ( which of course, get made into all sorts of yummy things to eat...)

Pretty colored leaves and acorns. I just love acorns. (but you already knew that, I know)

Who doesn't love pumpkins? I picked up a bunch of white ones for my room, and they look so pretty sitting on my dresser!

Pumpkin pie. I know, you're not supposed to make it before thanksgiving, but I did. I couldn't wait that long. And part of it went into smoothies....yum!

Getting to wear boots. oh I love wearing them so much!

And more pretty red apples. I could eat apples every day.


  1. Looks like a delightful fall to me. :D I think you should be able to eat all kinds of fall pies (incudeing pumpkin) before Thanksgiving! Else you only get them a short time because you run into the Christmas desserts. ;)

  2. looks like your pumpkin pie turned out delicious! yum yum!

  3. those pictures say "fall" perfectly!!!


thanks for your lovely note!♥