oh baby

It still feels so unreal that I have another person inside of me. I still can't imagine what life will be like with a baby. I can't imagine being a mum. I feel so un-prepared for motherhood. Afraid of the mistakes I'll make. Scared of the responsibility of raising someone in this world.  But then on the other hand, I can't wait to love on this baby, to show it what a beautiful world we live in. To see it's smile, and hold it in my arms.  To raise it with the man that I know will be the perfection of fatherhood. To teach it to love my heavenly father. 
The day can't get here soon enough that I can hold it in my arms. Getting things ready and making little clothes has been such a joy while waiting. So hard to believe that any day now, my life will be changed forever. 


oh summer

I don't know where summer went. Seems like it was just June last week.  Life has been busy with getting ready for this baby, work and staying cool and I don't know what else! My camera, sadly, has sat on a shelf most of the summer. Life just feels like it's speeding by.