pretty in pink

One of the things I love about life right now is all the vases of hydrangeas sitting everywhere around the house. I never tire of them. Not one bit. ♥

And I love that some are pink.


let's have a picnic

Today was such a pretty day! Couldn't waste it inside, so we decided to have ourselves a little picnic together.....threw together some peanut butter sandwiches, found ourselves a quilt and some pretty pink plates and cups to use ( because you know, peanut butter sandwiches just taste better when it's served on pink plates!)  Found a big shady tree to eat under and had ourselves the loveliest little time!!  It's so sweet to listen to them think out loud...to hear what's going on inside their little minds. It was quite the lively time!  

I really should do this more often. ♥


Just one of those days...!!   A day perfect for ice cream, party planning, listening to my favorite tunes and pretty much just enjoying the lovely day. My favorite kiddos are coming today for the rest of the week, and we're going to have so much fun...I can't wait!! It's going to be a pretty awesome week. I just know. ♥


hello may

I'm so happy that May is here....it is such a pretty month! I'm sitting here outside working....enjoying the lovely breeze, and feeling so incredibly grateful! 

Hope you are having the most lovely week ever!