hello winter

Ice storm for the first day of winter - almost as good as snow, but not quite! Loving how still and quite everything gets and it makes the world look so pretty!
Grateful to be all cozy and warm inside today.




This poor blog has been sadly neglected this month.  I haven't had much time or inspiration for photos and blogging. Life is like that sometimes. Life is busy.  So sad that the season will be over in a few days. I love the month leading up to Christmas more than I do Christmas day. Savoring these last few days!


hello december

Can't believe that December is already here. Why does time have to go by so quickly? This Christmas season feels so, so different.  This will be our first Christmas married...I've looked forward to this for so long, and I still can't believe I'm here. Loving starting our own special traditions, loving the special Christmas memories we've made so far.  I feel so blessed!

Happy December