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I was browsing ModCloth today for the first time and came across sooo many cute dresses/outfits! Why havn't I ever been on there before?! How a place can have so many cute things is beyond me! The only problem is they don't come small enough for me. Total bummer. But a person can have fun dreaming and looking, right?! and that's just what I did...these are some of my favorite finds.

Love the color, love the classic style. Endless possibilities with this dress - and it comes in 3 other colors too! ( but I like this color best!)

I adore the floral print, and the vintage style of this dress! (Although I do like my dresses a bit longer!) I *love* how Elsie Flannigan wears this, especially the look of the cardigan with it. totally going to find a dress something similar to this so I can try this look.

this combo is ever so cute..perfect for spring. Day at the Docks dress, I love the round halter neck and the floral print..so pretty and feminine!! Button-up Basic Cardigan, Getaway sandals, oh I just love these sandals! Retro Revival Scarf and Proud as a Necklace.

I love the idea they gave on the website for this dress - peep-toe wedges, some gold bangles, an ivory cardigan (cardigans just go with everything, don't they! ) and some red lipstick...oh so cute!! You could change out accessories for all sorts of different looks/seasons.

Love the bow at the collar and those pleats in the front. Simply adorable! who needs accessories with this dress?! it's perfect all by itself!

okay. now I want to go shopping....anyone want to go with me?!


lovely images

I simply adore these two photos taken by Daydream Lily! I love the dreamy look, the softness of the photos. The loveliness just makes me sigh.


I ♥ baking

My sister spent the day with me today, and wanting something to do together, we tried a new recipe - Pear-Raspberry Heart Pies. ( recipe courtesy of Martha Stewart! ) They were super easy and a lot of fun to make and it makes me so happy baking heart shape goodies! but of course, I forgot to take a picture after they came out of the oven, but if you look up the recipe, you'll see what they looked like (only mine weren't quite as pretty!)

I've been finding ever so many lovely ideas for valentines day...decorating, gift, food ideas! I wish there was enough time to do them all! it just seems like Valentines day just creeps up, and doesn't give you any time to plan. Or maybe that's just my problem?!


quote of the day

p.s. it's been snowing here all day today and it's oh so pretty! so excited!♥


These are my two favorite from the photoshoot we did today...something came up and we ended up only having time to shoot a few, but the few we did get were so fun! My sister and I have loved taking pictures together for as long as I can remember... (well, really we love to do anything together!) and it's one of our favorite ways to spend time together, and believe me, we try to do it quite often. I take her photo and she takes mine. I love her to pieces..she's such a dear!

Taking these pictures makes me excited for Valentines day ( or "Loves Day," as I love to call it!) I've already found so many lovely ideas online for little projects gifts and decor! Makes me so excited!

I love this post by Becky Higgins on the different aspects of love...such a good reminder for me becuase I tend to forget.
Sending a hug to all my lovely readers! ♥ ♥


happy monday!

Just wanted to stop in and say "happy monday" to all you lovely readers! How was your weekend? Mine was simply lovely, got a lot accomplished on a project I've been trying to finish for a while...I'm pretty excited about that!

I've been in the cooking mood all day today, thus I spent most of my day in the kitchen! Tomorrow my sister and I are planning a fun valentines photo shoot....I'm soo excited about it! I think it's going to be pretty fun! ♥ ( I promise I'll share pictures! )


a lovely winters day

Remember this post here? I was wishing I could go ice skating? well yesterday I had to opportunity to go for the first time ( yes, you read that right..for the first time!) and oh was it ever so lovely! It was simply magical! It was out in the woods on an old strip pit...surrounded by woods and snow. It was picture perfect!!

yes, I know I look very wobbly on skates...by the time we finished I was finally getting the hang of it, but it took quite a few un-graceful falls at first!

this is one of my favorite photos from the afternoon!

There's just something so beautiful about ice skating...gliding along, feeling the cold breeze on your face, hearing the laughter from all the others....oh it was such a happy time!

Isn't this photo simply beautiful? I wish everyone of you could have been there to see it..pictures just don't quite do it justice. I can't wait to go again sometime!


I ♥ winter!

The first fall of snow is not only an event, it is a magical event. You go to bed in one kind of a world and wake up in another quite different, and if this is not enchantment then where is it to be found? - J.B. Priestley

lovely images

love these pretty images.♥


that beautiful thing called snow

Yesterday we had 4 inches of snow!! oh you can imagine how excited I am!!! I've wanted snow for so long, and we rarely get any - if at all. It came down in huge snowflakes....falling so silently. eek! I just get soooo excited when I see snow! People always look at me crazy when they find out how much a love snow...( is there something odd about liking snow?!) I just love the cozy feeling snow brings...I love that God gave us four different seasons, I love that we don't live in a place where that weather stays the same all year round...I love that God gave us variety, and I love that snow is part of that variety. Yesterday evening as the snowflakes became smaller, it looked like glitter was coming down! It was enough to take your breath away! So magical! so in case you can't tell, I really really do love snow!♥

may your day be simply lovely and cozy!


lovely link

I am absolutely in loooooove with this engagement photo shoot by James Moes!! I could just look at these photos over and over!! They're such happy photos....and the scenery in the background is amazing! So creative! make sure you check out the rest here.. there's lots more lovely images to see!

lovely inspiration

The picture on the right makes me want to visit Paris soooo bad! (maybe someday!)

lovely inspiration

1. source 2. source

These colors are so soft and pretty, and I've always had a love for typewriters!♥