hello monday.

I stumbled across these photos this morning that I took last year. These are some of my favorite photos ever! That camera actually works - just needs some film - but it's SO expensive! And as many pictures as I would want to take with it, I'd probably go broke buying it!

I'm just dying for some fresh flowers to photograph. I'm tempted just to go buy a fresh bouquet of tulips or some other pretty flower to photograph till then. And they would brighten up the house too! Yesterday while at my sisters house I saw a cluster of daffodils blooming in her yard! oh it was a pretty sight. ( now, why aren't there any in my yard yet?!)

Can you believe March is almost here?!!


link love

(i love eating fruit. i love it topped with whipping cream.)

finding ever so many lovely things lately....

this family photo shoot by Wildflower photography. Just dyyyyying over it's cuteness! I love how they used maps and an airplane.

Quilt by Elise Blaha...love the colors she put together and the simple design of it.

This outfit combo by kristine. or polly. love what she put together...love the layers. so pretty!

This song by Francoise Hardy. This style of music is so soft and pretty, although I have no clue what she's saying!

These colorful images on Just when you thought....they are making me want spring to come soooo badly!

And yesterday I spotted my yellow tulips peeking up out of the ground!! I'm sooo excited...I can't wait to have some fresh flowers in the house. especially yellow tulips.

today it's raining. I just love rainy days!


i'm inspired.

Aren't these Polaroid images by girlhula just stunning?! I fell in love with her photos as soon as I saw them! They're so vintage, and she has such a good eye for things to photograph. I'm just dying over that collection of white dishes
simply lovely. ♥
Now I want to go take some cute photos.


inspiration right now....

photo taken spring 2010

Power of Less by Leo Babauta (this book has been life changing for me! )
Who I am in Christ by Neil T. Anderson
Your Skin and You by Bea Kinnear -Everything you ever needed to know about proper care of your skin.

listening: Praan by Gary Schuman

loving: sleeping in. very abnormal for me...I'm normally a early riser... I'm not planning on enjoying this pleasure for very long.

food: fresh ginger. loving anything ginger...it's so delightful! This recipe for Sweet & Sour chicken by Martha Stewart is my recent favorite. loving it in smoothies too.

excited about: Celtic Thunder's new album release tomorrow!

inspiration: the coming of spring. that's enough inspiration for me. getting pretty excited!

color: gray. I love paring it with a soft red and cream. so pretty!

What's inspiring you right now?! leave me a link - I would love to read yours!


just because

Waffles with whipped frosting and raspberries for lunch because...well, because I felt like it. And that's all the reason I need!

(besides, I couldn't let all the leftover frosting from yesterday's cupcakes go to waste, could I?!)


for you

(can you guess what I made today?!)
Sending you all a e-cupcake becuase I love and appreciate every single one of you lovely readers!
♥ Happy Valentines Day! ♥



Today was one of those days that make me so happy to be alive!!! Busy preparing and getting things ready for the weekend and for Valentines day. Mom & sister are coming home after being gone for quite a few weeks....I'm so excited!
You have any special plans for the weekend? I hope it's a lovely one♥


Thought I'd share what I did in my bedroom a few weeks ago. First off my inspiration came from Somewhere Splendid. When I saw it, I fell in love instantly! I love the huge flowers, all the different textures and how vintage it looks! I intended to be my valentine decorations but once I got it all made and put up I decided it looked springish instead! But there's noooo way I'm taking all that down, and re-putting it up later after all that work! So it stays. I must admit it's nice to have such a cheery sight to greet me when I walk into the room!

I just happened to have more pink paper than red, thus deciding my color palette.

Sorry I couldn't get more of the room in the picture..my room is very small and without a wide angle lens it's hard to get everything in the picture!

These crepe paper rosettes are my very favorite!♥ I made more of the garland and strung it across my mirror on the opposite side of the room. If you want tutorials on how to make the garland and various flowers, Creature Comforts has a list here.

In my room, I have quite a few framed pictures, so to change things up a bit I took a blank sheet of paper, drew a heart on it, tore small strips of crepe paper and rolled them into lots of tiny rosettes and glued them inside my heart. Stuck it in a frame and just like that, I have new wall art! (I take way to many pictures of my clock...don't you just love it?)

For this frame I used my cricut to cut hearts out of a paint sample ( you know, the ones that have 6 or so of the same color but varying shades) folded them and glued them along the folded line so they popped up a bit.

All of this was sooo much fun for me to make! I had one huge mess in my room ( and one huge mess to clean up!) while making it...but I loved every moment of it!♥


house wife

I'm in love with this House Wife photo shoot by JUCO. I've always dreamed of being a house wife someday, (and of course, I've always imagined I'd wear pretty little dresses like these too!) so maybe that's why I like these photos so much - they convey so much softness and prettiness and are so feminine. I love the wardrobe styling.... oh so pretty!! Especially love the white dress in the first two photos. Oh and that green and yellow floral coverlet in those photos? *sigh*. The rest of the photo shoot is here. There's lots more lovely images!


snow + paint = ♥

All this snow called for a bit of fun with water color paints! It was like being a little girl all over again!♥


a few lovely links..

I love you Mini Book by Ali Edwards. I made this book using her free download a few years ago and it is one of my favorite gifts I have eve made for someone! This is so perfect for a friend! When I made mine, I added a few pictures with it.

I Love You Garland by Lovely Indeed. You've probably already seen this, but I think it is sooo cute! love the red glitter. oh how I love glitter!.

Fruit Stickers by Twig and Thistle. I think these are the cutest things in the world! you can even print them off your-self?! how neat is that?

DIY Valentine Cakes - video by tiger in a jar. This is THE cutest video ever made!! you must watch it if you haven't seen it! It will totally make you smile!


these cookies would look soo pretty packaged up really pretty to give to a neighbour or friend. And that pillow - *perfect* for my bed! ooh la la! Love that shade of red.

dreamy paper garlandi love you bowls

This garland looks like it would be pretty easy to make (or, of course buy!) It would look really nice above a bed or desk. I love that they combined a print with it instead of using just just pink and red. Okay, those bowls I think are my favorite find. I really really need those! Popcorn (or even ice cream) would taste soooo much better in a bowl like that! Don't you agree? Make a really nice gift for someone as well. ( hint hint!)

I think these things could and should be used all year round too...not just for this special occasion! what do you think?

More to come....

quote of the day

This quote is so fitting for right now...two different ways to look at a situation! Photos taken by my niece.
Post coming soon: Valentine Inspiration!
Make time for something special today..okay?! ♥



Hello February.

Today when I look out my window, this is what I see!! Isn't it beauutiful?!!! We're in the middle of a blizzard and oh is it so pretty! You can't even see down the street, and drifts are 3+feet high. Around here we hardly ever get much snow, if any at all so this is so fun! I'm dying to go out in it, but the wind is SO cold!

Sis, this picture is for you! I braved the cold for a few minutes to snap some pictures!

The snow/ice left pretty little patterns on the window! They're so intricate and beautiful! Only the Creator could do that!

Inside it's oh so cozy! I am working on a scrapbook project ( well, between looking out the window every 10 minutes!) and thinking about some Valentine projects I want to do. Thinking about making myself a cup of tea too. that sounds pretty good.

Am listening to this song today - it is so pretty!!

What are you doing today? From what I hear, quite a few places are getting hit with this storm...so I hope you are having a warm cozy day where ever you are!♥