Thought I'd share what I did in my bedroom a few weeks ago. First off my inspiration came from Somewhere Splendid. When I saw it, I fell in love instantly! I love the huge flowers, all the different textures and how vintage it looks! I intended to be my valentine decorations but once I got it all made and put up I decided it looked springish instead! But there's noooo way I'm taking all that down, and re-putting it up later after all that work! So it stays. I must admit it's nice to have such a cheery sight to greet me when I walk into the room!

I just happened to have more pink paper than red, thus deciding my color palette.

Sorry I couldn't get more of the room in the picture..my room is very small and without a wide angle lens it's hard to get everything in the picture!

These crepe paper rosettes are my very favorite!♥ I made more of the garland and strung it across my mirror on the opposite side of the room. If you want tutorials on how to make the garland and various flowers, Creature Comforts has a list here.

In my room, I have quite a few framed pictures, so to change things up a bit I took a blank sheet of paper, drew a heart on it, tore small strips of crepe paper and rolled them into lots of tiny rosettes and glued them inside my heart. Stuck it in a frame and just like that, I have new wall art! (I take way to many pictures of my clock...don't you just love it?)

For this frame I used my cricut to cut hearts out of a paint sample ( you know, the ones that have 6 or so of the same color but varying shades) folded them and glued them along the folded line so they popped up a bit.

All of this was sooo much fun for me to make! I had one huge mess in my room ( and one huge mess to clean up!) while making it...but I loved every moment of it!♥


  1. love the last one with the folded hearts! decorating for holidays is so fun.

  2. ♥ Elisabeth!! I can't believe how creative you are!! :-o

  3. oh. my. gravy. This is so creative and cute. I die. I'm officially impressed and bow to the queen of cuteness. xo

  4. oh i'll have to go check out that link asap b/c i just LOVE what you did!!! adore big pink flower total. reminds me of emerson made's lovely brooches.

    how clever are you with that paint sample heart collage. 100% adored. happy weekend and thanks so much for visiting. ♥

  5. Very inspiring. Makes me want to decorate for Valentines this year :)

  6. you going to leave that up till I get home? I totally want to see it! - h

  7. This is so pretty, what a fun thing to have in a bedroom, it would make me smile every morning! Thanks for visiting my blog and the kind comment :) Your blog is lovely and full of inspiring images.


thanks for your lovely note!♥