outing together

I love his days off. I love getting to explore a new place with him. I like trying to imagine what this place used to be like..the stories of the people that once used to be part of it...the history of it all. I love walking hand in hand with my husband. I love taking pictures together. I love being outdoors. I love getting to enjoy the beautiful scenery around.

Summer makes me so happy!


the summer night


The summer night is like a perfection of thought. -Wallace Stevens

 A long walk at the end of the day...exchanging thoughts with my sister. Enjoying the beautiful countryside - so grateful that I can see it and enjoy it.  Reflecting back on the day... my favorite moments, favorite words, missing someone awfully bad, wishing I could re-live part of my day. If only I could see ahead what consequences and effect my words and actions will have before they're said and done. Grateful for a new day tomorrow - a tomorrow with no mistakes in it yet. Another chance to live, love and enjoy this beautiful life that I don't deserve.  And tomorrow means being back with my husband.  

And that makes my heart so happy ♥



"My native country, thee, Land of the noble free, Thy name I love; I love thy rocks and rills, Thy woods and templed hills, My heart with rapture thrills Like that above."
Celebrating freedom. making memories.  loving this great country I live in. The grandest country on earth.


everyday lens

Everyday moments from last week. moments that seem so insignificant, yet the things that make up a big part of my day/life. Moments that make me smile.  Moments I'm so grateful for.

"The happiest people I know are not those who find their golden ticket; they are those who, while in the pursuit if worthy goals, discover and treasure the beauty and sweetness of the everyday moments."   -Uchtdorf