pretty pink!

although I would never decorate my house like this, I find this collection so pleasing to the eye! All the pink and vintage-ness is just so pretty! *sigh*

(but I will admit, that I really am starting to like white christmas trees!)

christmas love

here are a few of my favorite christmas ideas.. oh I have so many!

Numbered Listsource

.....those pom pom garlands....oh I just love them!

have you ever thought of wrapping a gift out of pages from a book? how creative ( and inexpensive) is that? So pretty!

pretty colors!


Hello lovelies!
I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving! It's been one crazy Holiday and weekend for me, but I survived and am back! And I'm soo super excited that the Christmas season is here! I've been playing christmas music like crazy and loving every minute of it! I pulled out my favorite boxes of christmas decorations today -
Most of these ornaments are from my grandmother and some are the ones my Dad used growing up. They are so special to me..I'm excited to come up with some new ideas for them this year.

Be back soon with some lovely christmas finds! ♥



polaroid love

I have a thing for polaroids.... I think they are so lovely! I've always wanted to take pictures with a polaroid camera and I have one that works, but the film for it is SO expensive ( or so I think!) so until I feel like splurging on film for it, Poladroid must suffice! I found this website awhile back and it's soooo neat. It changes your photos into a digital polaroid - which is almost as nice as the real thing. Right? It's so fun to take a picture from the everyday of life, and watch it turn into something so pretty and so like the real thing! (did I mention I waste hours doing this?) Maybe I'll ask for some film for christmas......


people I love

today these two very special people are celebrating 41 years of marriage! These two people also happen to be my parents. I'm so grateful for them and their faithfulness to each other these past 41 years! ( and for having me! ♥ )

Love you Mum & Dad!!

p.s. these pictures were taken the year they were married....aren't they the sweetest photos ever?!


autumn art journal....such a pretty page!

I want to go on a picnic...

I want to go on a picnic, in the woods...just like this picture. You want to join? For some reason this first photo reminds me soo much of my childhood home. The woods were our play ground...we spent hours there every day, pretend play and exploring. How I miss it!

oh, and who wouldn't want to ride in that car?!


*sigh* this picture is just too pretty for words!


random ramblings

The past few days have been super busy for me...filled with lots of sewing, drinking tea out of my favorite mug, putting together a scrapbook for December and listening to christmas music. (yes, I know it's not christmas yet!) I've been working on a sewing project for a friend plus lots of sewing at work. I found some adorable black & white houndstooth fabric at Hobby Lobby the other day that I just couldn't pass up! Planning on making some pillows out of it for my bed. I think they will look so pretty for christmas.
I just *love* that the weather has turned cold...it really gets me motivated! I know that sounds so crazy, but I've always loved the cold. It's so refreshing and magical. And it also means that the christmas season is almost here too..one more week! I'm so excited I can hardly wait! What have you been up to?


lovely finds

some lovely finds....
this is so amazing - a wall of poloroids. It's my goal to do a wall like this somedaysource
so pretty!

love this sweater dress from Hush....and the combo with the boots and scarf is just perfect.

owl ring - just plain cute.

pretty wallpaper source

the color and style of this refridgerator is to die for. who wouldn't want to cook with something this cute in your kitchen?

love these pretty colors source

is not this the cutest thing ever? I'm a huge fan of glass, and this is just so adorable!

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