I want to go on a picnic...

I want to go on a picnic, in the woods...just like this picture. You want to join? For some reason this first photo reminds me soo much of my childhood home. The woods were our play ground...we spent hours there every day, pretend play and exploring. How I miss it!

oh, and who wouldn't want to ride in that car?!


*sigh* this picture is just too pretty for words!


  1. Can I join your picnic? I promise to wear a hat, though not my "new" one.:) Do we get to dress in a style to fit the car? And I agree, I like that second picture!
    Let's just go on an adventure next year.:)

  2. you would not catch me dead in that car - it is perfectly horrid:) am I allowed to say that? :) -h


thanks for your lovely note!♥