summer prettiness

A few photos from my bedroom. Loving the light, airy feel for summer in there.

Stitched the little bird pillow on a whim a year or 2 ago. Just came across it the other day and thought it would go perfect in there!

And of course, I love a bouquet of flowers to add a bit of color and prettiness to any room!


an evening walk

Nothing like a walk down a country road on a summers evening. I love the dusty road, the wayside flowers, the smell of corn fields, the singing cicadas and the setting sun. Magical.

Thanks to sis for taking these photos.


ruche love

I know every other blogger has already blogged these images, ( and you've probably already seen them as well ) but I can't help but doing it anyway! I love Stephanie Williams photography, and am always blown away by her images for Ruche's look book. I love the emotion that these all portray, and not to mention I loooove this line of clothing. It's so soft and feminine like and modern but yet so very vintage.

I think this is one of my favorite outfits. That blouse is sooo pretty!

*sigh* didn't you like them too? See the rest here.



Sititng here with a cold smoothie, enjoying the warm ( or should I say 'hot') summer day!

Loving this post by Elsie How to Style a Messy Bun. That is so pretty!

Thinking of all the packing (and laundry) I need to do for my trip next week.

Listening to this song:

Excited about spending some time next week with friends.

Grateful for today.

oh and here is the picture I promised of my two newest nephews. Aren't they the sweetest ever? I miss them. lots. Looking forward to spending my upcoming trip with the one on the right. I'm going to love it.

Happy Thursday


weekend loveliness

How beautiful it is to rest, and then do nothing afterward.- unknown

Exactly my thoughts about the last weekend. It was spent with family. Nights were spent in a cabin, and the days out on the boat. It felt so amazing to just relax and do absolutely nothing. I can't remember the last time I did that. I love being out on the water, (Of course I won't mention part about the nasty sunburns and ugly peeling skin) I love feeling the breeze, I love water sports, I love time spent with family...oh it was a lovely weekend!

I want to do it again.