Sititng here with a cold smoothie, enjoying the warm ( or should I say 'hot') summer day!

Loving this post by Elsie How to Style a Messy Bun. That is so pretty!

Thinking of all the packing (and laundry) I need to do for my trip next week.

Listening to this song:

Excited about spending some time next week with friends.

Grateful for today.

oh and here is the picture I promised of my two newest nephews. Aren't they the sweetest ever? I miss them. lots. Looking forward to spending my upcoming trip with the one on the right. I'm going to love it.

Happy Thursday


  1. Awwww they are soo adorable! ♥

    You just have to LOVE babies!

  2. Glad you posted those pictures! You'll have so much fun with that little guy! He gave me a half a smile yesterday. Maybe I'll get the rest of it tonight.:)

  3. sounds like such a good day! the smoothie looks delish, and it's so pretty!
    i love those pictures of your nephews! adorable♥

    can't wait to spend some time with you!!

  4. Awww, what cuties! I need to get across town and see one of them, before he is half grown. I probably won't get to see the other unless they come to town. They are both so cute and they are going to have fun growing up together. :)


thanks for your lovely note!♥