life right now

Diy projects, wedding planning, shopping, painting, packing, sick days, snowed in days, work days...so much happening. But there's only 35 more days till I'll be done with all of this and beginning my new adventure in life.

I. can. not. wait.
Being in love is the best thing ever!

Listening to this over and over. My favorite right now!

Never My Love by The Association on Grooveshark


loves day

Today I've been making pretty little things out of hearts...writing little love notes...getting ready for tomorrow.
One of my favorite holidays is Valentines Day...something so fun about a day that's set apart just to say "i love you" Although I think love is best demonstrated in the everyday of life, valentines day is still special. Last year I didn't like it. This year I'm thinking differently being engaged to the most incredible guy.  Gives a whole new meaning to the day.

Listening to You & Me by Penny and the Quarter while working. This song makes me smile.