i'm back

I know I've terribly neglected this blog the last 4 months! Our little Eleanor arrived the middle of September and life hasn't been the same since!  It is pure joy to take care of this sweet baby every single day. I think back on her birth and still can't believe my body did all that. That this sweet baby was inside me. It seems so impossible!  Babies are such a miracle!

This little baby has brought such change....late nights, tiredness, new experiences, new routines, new body...but I love it all!  I love the change, I love being the one this little one relies on for everything. I love the late night feedings, I love the little clothes, I love the tiny feet, I love the snuggles, I love her tiny cry, I love her pretty smile, I love seeing the bond between her and her daddy.   I love this mommy thing so much!