goodbye summer


Enjoying the last of summer. Enjoying the cool, quiet evenings and pretty scenery.  Sad it's going to be over but excited for fall and all it holds.  Goodbye to summer!



Today was perfection. Slept in late and woke up to the sound of rain and deliciously cool weather.  Felt so good to just stand outside and soak the coolness up.   Something about the first, cool crisp day after summer makes me soooo excited. Makes me so happy to be alive.

-Can't wait to try A Beautiful Mess's Pumpkin Spice Latte Syrup.  Sounds so. good.

-Filling up my fall pinterest board. Wanting to take some fall photos so badly

-Fall picnic with my husband sounds so perfect

And of course as soon as it gets cool, I can't help but put this song on repeat -

Wake Me Up When September Ends by Green Day on Grooveshark

Here's to a fabulous week!


hello monday

A brand new day, brand new week and a brand new month. Oh the possibilities and opportunities it holds.

Happy Monday!

Oh..and I hope you feel beautiful today, because you are. ♥   


you're a peach

Sweet, ripe goodness. Even better when they're home grown and you can just go out and pick them off the trees. The only thing I don't like about this fruit is it means the end of summer is here.

Can't wait to make one of my favorite recipes with them - grilled peaches.

last days of summer

I don't want summer to end. This summer has been so special.  Spending the summer beside my husband and best friend has been the happiest thing ever. I don't want the best summer of my life to end yet. I don't want the warm days to end. I don't want the beautiful evenings to go away. I don't want all the pleasures of summer to be over.  I know I'll be addicted to fall once it comes, but for now I'm holding on to the last bit of summer! September I don't want you to come yet!

Photo credit goes to my lovely sister.