last days of summer

I don't want summer to end. This summer has been so special.  Spending the summer beside my husband and best friend has been the happiest thing ever. I don't want the best summer of my life to end yet. I don't want the warm days to end. I don't want the beautiful evenings to go away. I don't want all the pleasures of summer to be over.  I know I'll be addicted to fall once it comes, but for now I'm holding on to the last bit of summer! September I don't want you to come yet!

Photo credit goes to my lovely sister.


  1. you're pretty. the end. :)

    and i agree, i already miss summer and everything that came to pass in it. xx

  2. Sorry, September is here already. It's been a good summer, but I'm looking forward to fall.


thanks for your lovely note!♥