merry christmas ♥

Wishing you the loveliest of Christmases as we celebrate that wonderful Gift that was given to us.

May your day be sparkly and full of special memories! ♥

Silent Night by Michael Bublé on Grooveshark


pretty packages

Played around yesterday with my camera and a few little pretty packages!! ( think little packages are the funnest to wrap!) Oh, and there are so many pretty things around Christmas time to take photos of!

These pictures remind me of the song "My Favorite Things"...you know, brown paper packages tied up with string...!! "

Happy Christmas Eve, Lovelies! Hope today is simply special!!


christmas inspiration

These are some of my favorite Christmas images....so much Christmas goodness everywhere! So many talented photographers....I could look at Christmas images all day....so many lovely captures!

Christmas is such a special time of the year!

So this is Christmas by Christmas on Grooveshark


hello winter

Passed the evening away with drinking tea and playing games on the floor by the Christmas tree. I love times like these!

Little pieces of Christmas <3

Annnnnnd.......today is the FIRST day of winter!! my very favorite season of the year has arrived! And it snowed for a little bit today - not enough to stick but it snowed!!! It would be simply incredible and amazing if it would snow on Christmas!!

A little link love for ya -

-adorable Christmas engagement photo shoot...love every picture!

-this Christmas board on pinterest. I can't stop looking at all pretty images!

-this room is so pretty...love the simplicity of it - just lights!

-lots of free printable gift tags put together by Creature Comforts.( why do I always find these goodies after I've finished my gift wrapping?!)

Going to post a big Christmas/inspiration post tomorrow....it's going to be so lovely! there are so many pretty photos and ideas out there...I wish I could share every single one of them!!

Here's to a cozy, magical evening!


white christmas

I love the color white so much for christmas...I love how some people decorate their entire homes for christmas with just using shades of white....it's so clean and pretty and you could even leave it all up longer -white goes perfectly with winter! I know I've been thinking of maybe doing my room up all in white in January...idk, it always seems so gloomy after we take all the christmas decorations, so maybe changing it up to some white would add some cheer!
These are some of my favorite ideas that I've found online-

ohhh. now I want to go make something lovely with white glitter!

christmas is almost here....!

12. 13.11
Made one huge mess on the floor making Christmas presents for little kiddos at school....there's something so fun about making Christmas presents late night.

I finally made a snow globe....it's the cutest thing ever!!!It was soooooo easy to make and I can't stop shaking it and watching the pretty glitter float down!

Okay so this isn't what I wanted a picture of for today! Today was the last day of school so we colored and painted Christmas pictures for an hour or so as something fun to do...and it's no fun watching so I joined in on the fun! What I really wanted today's picture to be was when we went caroling for the evening with a small group of friends. After caroling we the rest of the evening drinking cider and playing games...it was such a special evening, but of course I forgot to take a picture....bummer!

And gone again today with Christmas activities and get-togethers with friends....and no picture!this is from earlier in the week....my sister has her room all done up in silver, white and purple for Christmas, and it's soooo pretty! It's like a little fairy tale room

I've taken waaaay to many pictures of the ornaments on our tree already!

Lounging in my bedroom all day....reading, talking with sisters eating chocolate, playing around with a fish eye lens...an all around lazy, cozy afternoon. A random picture of a random moment! ( just pretend my room is all clean..k?)

Sick today, so nothing except for lounging around and drinking lots of tea. I did manage to get a few Christmas presents wrapped but that was about it. Feels so odd to be doing nothing after so may weeks of business and going someplace all the time. And I must admit, I sorta wanted to be sick. Yup, I know. that's crazy, but it's true, so I'm going right along with it!

Only 5 days still Christmas!!! la la la!


anthropologie christmas


I seriously love Anthropologies style for Christmas...love the crisp whiteness with neutrals....I love how they are so simple, yet make a huge statement. Especially love the glass trees...oh so pretty!

Snow globes are something I'm really into this Christmas.... and Anthro just uses mason jars for these...how simple is that? This would be the perfect diy for Christmas..I'm really going to try this.

*sigh* so much christmas goodness everywhere! I can't take it all in!

the everyday

Where does the time go? It's already almost Christmas...only 13 more days! Suddenly I remember everything I wanted to do before Christmas and there doesn't seem enough time now.

Making Christmas picture with paper, scissors, glue and lots of glitter! I love how she is sooo excited for Christmas!

This picture spells "kitty." A very naughty kitty. Oh well..it's just an ornament..right?

Spent the afternoon with an elderly neighbour friend, and put up this small tree for her and decorated it, then we watched a Christmas movie together. It was so special!

Evidence of a cozy evening!

Wanting to play with glitter soooo very badly! I have so many ideas, just no time yet. I did get it out for just a few minutes today...I want to make a snow globe, and a glitter house...and glitter some presents....I love glitter...it's so sparkly and cheery!


six and seven

I'm loving doing these pictures every day! loving that I'm capturing this season of life....this very special season! Stayed up pretty late this night trying to finish up a project. Lots of tea and music to go with it. Just curled up on the couch, turned the christmas lights on and worked away until the wee hours!

It doesn't get much better than an entire day of mall shopping with mom and sisters!

1. A cosmetic display...huuuge paper flowers and glittery things...someone was amazingly creative!.
2. Nope, I didn't leave the store without this top. (It had my name on it, how could I? )

3.Forever 21 has the prettiest girly things ever....
4. Can a take-out soup bowl get any cuter than this one? I'd eat soup every day from them just to out of this bowl!
5. More paper and glittery goodness...so much prettiness to take in!
6. I love fashion glasses.
7. Okay, I wanted these sparkly Bob's shoes sooooo badly, I mean, how cute would they be to wear?! but my pocket book didn't like the price.... ( maybe for christmas? ( hint hint, sis!)
8. I love the soft pinks, creams, and browns that are everywhere....so soft and feminine and oh so pretty!

9. I want t
his for christmas. :)


weekend catch-up

ohhh goodness....what a weekend!!! So much crammed into it, so many special moments...late nights, places to go, christmas movies, music, tiredness...(especially the tiredness...but oh so worth it!) Believe me when I say I didn't have time to post over the weekend!

All dressed up in my fancy clothes and favorite pumps for a Ladies Christmas Tea. Oh it was so festive and cozy! Had a delicious brunch, lovely music and a wonderful talk on the gifts we have to offer to others during the christmas season. This sparkly little gift ornament was given to all of us that attended as a reminder to give of ourselves this season ( and always, of course) because God gave of himself when He sent his only son to earth on Christmas. So amazing to think about!

okay, so this next picture wasn't technically taken on the 4th, but the picture of that day is a personal one that I'd rather not share on here, but I took this one the day before. I wasn't planning on putting any Christmas decorations up in my bedroom ( I'm such a Grinch, I know) but my sister suddenly gave me the idea to string all our vintage ornaments around the room from the ceiling, so I thought why not..... so she and I spent an hour or so stringing them all up ( you know how hard that is?) it was so fun...and it was fun to having some sister time together! So now the room looks all cheery! I'm just hoping none of those strings come down...'cause if they do, it will take me all year to clean up that much broken glass ( we must have stung around 60 or so ornaments) and I'll cry my heart out too!


Okay, Old Navy get soooo creative every year at Christmas with their sacks. I'm reallllly loving the design this year...I'm saving this bag to use for wrapping paper..won't that be the cutest?

And a song to go with it.....this song has been my favorite for the past few years.

I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day by Casting Crowns on Grooveshark