hello winter

Passed the evening away with drinking tea and playing games on the floor by the Christmas tree. I love times like these!

Little pieces of Christmas <3

Annnnnnd.......today is the FIRST day of winter!! my very favorite season of the year has arrived! And it snowed for a little bit today - not enough to stick but it snowed!!! It would be simply incredible and amazing if it would snow on Christmas!!

A little link love for ya -

-adorable Christmas engagement photo shoot...love every picture!

-this Christmas board on pinterest. I can't stop looking at all pretty images!

-this room is so pretty...love the simplicity of it - just lights!

-lots of free printable gift tags put together by Creature Comforts.( why do I always find these goodies after I've finished my gift wrapping?!)

Going to post a big Christmas/inspiration post tomorrow....it's going to be so lovely! there are so many pretty photos and ideas out there...I wish I could share every single one of them!!

Here's to a cozy, magical evening!


  1. i'm really loving your blog this month!! not that I don't every month. ;)looking forward to tomorrow's post!

  2. this post is so much fun! and I love the photos of your tree! <3

  3. Everything looked delightful! We got snow last evening. It didn't stick but the flakes were huge! Looking forward to your next post!


thanks for your lovely note!♥