the new year

my christmas

photos from my christmas...as promised!

I love christmas and really wished it lasted longer, but I'm ready to move one now. Excited for the new year...new beginings, lots of change and new goals. Are you excited for the new year?


snow, snow, snow!

all I can think about it snow!! I want some soooo badly! Everytime I see a picture with snow, I want to re-post it, but I'm sure you all would be very bored if I did that! But I had to re-post these two. they're just so lovely!
I know christmas is over, but I meant to post these pictures a few days ago, but never got around to it! Better late than never, right?! These are ornaments my Dad and his family used on their tree growing up. I just *love* them all! I wish I knew the memory behind each one of them. Some of them have names on them, some have been hand decorated, some handmade. (I only took pictures of a few.) I wish I could go back in time!
So how was your christmas? Mine was simply lovely! ( but of course, without any snow!) I'll share pictures soon. Right now I'm working on some year end projects, and getting ready for the new year. I love this time of year!
Hope you all have a lovely day!♥


it's the most wonderful time of the year!

Just wanted to pop in and say "hi" and wish you all a Merry Christmas!♥
I'm up here at my Grandma & Grandpa's house. We arrived pretty late last night and it was snowing!!!! ohhh it was so pretty! of course, nothing stuck, so there still isn't snow on the ground, but I'm hoping maybe tonight or tomorrow?? and don't any of you tell me you have snow..I'll be so insanely jealous!!

anyway, I'm having a lovely time up here, enjoying my Grandma's oh so yummy cinnamon rolls, ( and TONS of other food!) and having lots of fun with all my cousins! There's never a dull moment here!
Oh how I love christmas!

May your christmas be simply lovely (and white!)


pretty images

(I can't find the original source for this photo!)

These are so soft and magical! These photographers have captured christmas lights so perfectly!


my week in photos

wearing my favorite christmas scarf and listening to christmas music on my ipod every chance I get. love that thing.
watching christmas movies...especially any with Jimmy Stuart acting. Oh I just adore him! (and I the only one that feels that way??!) Shop Around the Corner is an absolute favorite.
I made time one evening to scrapbook. I haven't done it in months, and it felt sooo wonderful to be at it again! I've missed it so much
made a batch of my very favorite christmas cookie - Lebkuchen (recipe here) These are a chewy spicy cookie that are ohhhh so yummy! after you bake them, they're supposed to age for 2 weeks...but I usually skip that part because I don't have the patience ( or would that be self-control?! ) to wait that long to eat them.
drank lots of tea and my own version of a tea latte. I've been staying up pretty late every evening working on a project, and there's nothing like something warm to drink while working.
and.... I *finally* got my inspiration board put up in my scrap booking space! I've wanted to put it up for such a long time but never got around to it. I'm so excited about it!

I can hardly believe christmas is next week!! I just love this season!
well I'm off to watch "It's a Wonderful Life" (yep it's got Jimmy Stuart acting in it!) with my family and eat popcorn! oh and the carolers are coming tonight! It's going be a cozy evening!

Hope your weekend is simply lovely!



who would of thought to use these pretty colors for Christmas?! it's so pretty! I love the lights around the Polaroids. bottle brush trees are adorable.

vintage love

Took these photos last winter. oh I love these colors so much!


I ♥ winter


oh these images are just *so* lovely! can't you just feel the cold? oh how I do love winter!
and this song by the Beach Boys goes perfectly with it.

hello monday...

we got a measly dusting of snow yesterday, but it was snow!!! I'm soooo excited! Found the biggest patch of snow I could to take this picture! Snow is one thing I just love ♥
enjoyed these yummy cookies over the weekend, but they're all gone now..guess it's time to get cooking again! How was your weekend?


room decor

In case you didn't already notice, I'm really eclectic in my taste. I really do like a variety of styles! I had originally planned on decorating my room in vintage and bright colors, but just all the sudden changed my mind, and ended up with this. And I love it! Pretty simple, but that's the mood I'm in right now. And I think I really like not having any red in the room - it's a nice change. What do you think?

I *finally* found some hounds tooth fabric at Hobby Lobby. ( I've been looking forever for some!) Took me about 15 minutes to make these pillows yesterday - Am thinking of adding a button or gem in the middle so it's not so plain looking.
I also hung ornaments from the ceiling above my dresser on the other side of the room. (please pretend the stack of books isn't there... That's my to-be-read pile, and I forgot to remove it before I took a picture!)
So now my vintage ornaments are still sitting in their boxes. Now I need to come up with another idea for them....


hello lovelies
hope you all have had a lovely week...mine has been soooo busy! We are having a christmas party at our house this evening, and it's taken pretty much all week to get ready for it. A few days ago a friend took us for an airplane ride - oh that was so lovely - well, until I got sick. (but we won't talk about that!) It was my first time to be in an airplane, so I was pretty exited!

I also got my room all decorated for christmas today...yay! Thought I would never get to it! I'll share pictures with you soon - *if* my cat doesn't wreck the decorations before then...she's already been trying!

Here are some lovely links you might enjoy!

This winter ice skating party..oh why doesn't someone invite me to something like this?!

I Spy Winter White...I'm so in love with the color white for christmas...lovely post!

How to make paper snowflakes I've never thought of making snowflakes out of red paper! Soo pretty!

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Darling wrapping paper!

I'd better get back to work....