hello lovelies
hope you all have had a lovely week...mine has been soooo busy! We are having a christmas party at our house this evening, and it's taken pretty much all week to get ready for it. A few days ago a friend took us for an airplane ride - oh that was so lovely - well, until I got sick. (but we won't talk about that!) It was my first time to be in an airplane, so I was pretty exited!

I also got my room all decorated for christmas today...yay! Thought I would never get to it! I'll share pictures with you soon - *if* my cat doesn't wreck the decorations before then...she's already been trying!

Here are some lovely links you might enjoy!

This winter ice skating party..oh why doesn't someone invite me to something like this?!

I Spy Winter White...I'm so in love with the color white for christmas...lovely post!

How to make paper snowflakes I've never thought of making snowflakes out of red paper! Soo pretty!

Christmas Morning Donegal this song by Celtic thunder is just beauutiful!

Darling wrapping paper!

I'd better get back to work....


  1. love love love the ice skating party!! We are so going to have one!

  2. yes yes yes!! we are so going to invite you to one! it's free on Sundays in Arkansas! -ly

    i just love those pictures! ♥

  3. Suziefaith, you have to invite me, too.:) I've been on ice skates once.
    That plane ride sounds such fun! (not the getting sick part). Haven't been on a plane since I was 5? Never a little one.

  4. Hi : )
    Beautiful blog!

    very nice ♥


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