my life this week ( with a cherry on top!)

Picked a bowl of these pretty red berries yesterday. Mmmmm. Don't they look so delicious?

Sorry for the lack of blogging the past week but my life has been sooo full. I became an Auntie again, not once but twice!! Two of the sweetest little boys you ever did see! Life has been full of kissing those sweet faces and taking care of their mommies. I'm loving and savoring every moment of it. Makes me want a little baby that I can keep all to myself :) I promise I'll post a picture of their sweet faces soon.

Hope your week is simply lovely ~ don't forget to enjoy every moment of it!


hello summer


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ohhh summer! I'm so happy you've arrived. I'm looking forward to the joys that you bring. The long hot days, cool evenings, days spent at the lake, cool refreshing smoothies, early morning walks, evening bike rides, summer freckles wayside flowers, fresh produce, star gazing, pretty dresses, bare feet and little fireflies that twinkle all night long.

You and I are going to have a splendid time, and I'm going to enjoy every single moment.


blossoms of pink

I am sooo loving these pink hydrangeas. Freshly picked from moms garden.

These delicate little blossoms make my heart smile with delight ♥


link love

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A little bit of link love for you to enjoy♥

This Nantucket bicycle basket from L.L.bean. ohhh so cute! looove it. I've been looking for one for my bike and I think this one just might do the job!

Jersey-Top dress from Boden. Perfect for summer and I love the colors.

This wrapping paper from Style Milk is so pretty and dainty!

This bicycle post from Oh Hello Friend. Love every. single. photo.

My new favorite place for inspiration ~ honey and lace. I think you'll like it too!

This pretty image. Love the hat.

And I do so love this vintage wallpaper from Retro Villa. -They have sooo many lovely designs! hmmm. maybe I should consider wallpapering my bedroom? oh I do love that thought.

This quote ~ Small things become great when done with love. - unknown

Here's to a lovely week♥


sweet treat

So, I read somewhere online something about adding Izze to your ice cream. I've been dying to try it ever since. Today I got my chance and ohhh my! was it SO good! If you've ever had a root beer float, it's along those lines, but a tangy citric flavor instead. And that combined with the sweet ice cream is just so delicious! Just add your favorite flavor Izze ( I used Sparkling Mandarin) to some vanilla ice cream, and ta da! you have a summer treat! ♥

(Goodness. Those Izze bottles are so cute! I could photograph them all day! )


happiness is...

gardens full of purple and yellow flowers

pretty vintage floral prints

pink ice cream (everything is better pink!)

snuggle time

hugs from little people and fuzzy, blue-eyed kittens

boxes of freshly picked strawberries

finding a pretty bowl in your possession that you didn't know you had