summer evening

One of those summer evenings where the weather was perfectly cool, the wind was blowing ever so slightly,  I had a awesome sister to hang out with,  the sunset was pretty, the sno cones were amazing, the popcorn was free and the fireworks looked like glitter! Small towns are the best.
The only thing that would have made it better would be getting to enjoy it with my love.  Everything is better with him ♥


summer delight

summer drinks

It's that kind of day meant for a fresh smoothie.  Summer is my favorite season for making smoothies... I think it's the perfect drink for cooling off.


blue yumminess

And after strawberries, its the season for these pretty blue berries.

 I'm as much in love with them as strawberries. Oh summer! I love you.



found this little bit via pinterest.

"i think everything in life is art. what you do. how you dress. the way you love someone, and how you talk. your smile and your personality. what you believe in, and all your dreams. the way you drink your tea. how you decorate your home. or party. your grocery list. the food you make. how your writing looks. and the way you feel. life is art." - unknown


right now

reading: For once I'm not in the middle of reading. Being married has changed that desire to read for now. And I'm okay with that.

listening: Towards the Sun by Alexi Murdoch

loving: Getting settled into my new life...finding a new rhythm in the everyday. Discovering new things about life, marriage and my husband each day. Each day is a treasure and a new experience.

food: Nothing in particular but I absolutely love getting to make meals each day for my husband.  Cooking for someone else makes being in the kitchen such a joy.

excited about: The first day of summer...I always get so excited with the arrival of a new season.

inspiration: Fresh flowers. I really can't get enough of them in my house.

color: white. white everything. Clothes, paint, sheets, dishes. I can't get enough of white. 



for the love of strawberries

I love strawberry season. It's my very favorite.  I love picking them, eating, photographing and baking with them. Nothing like pink stained fingers from picking. And nothing compares to biting into a fresh picked, sweet strawberry. 


hello june

Oh May, what a lovely month you were. Almost as good as April.  You brought spring weather, warm weather clothes, evening walks, settling in to my new life,  more weddings, beautiful blooming flowers, home projects, new learning curves, daily joy of waking up beside my best friend and so much more. I'm sad to see you go, but June is going to be just as lovely.  Can't wait to live each day of it.

Listening to this song over and over today.

The Brightest Lights by King Charles on Grooveshark