right now

reading: For once I'm not in the middle of reading. Being married has changed that desire to read for now. And I'm okay with that.

listening: Towards the Sun by Alexi Murdoch

loving: Getting settled into my new life...finding a new rhythm in the everyday. Discovering new things about life, marriage and my husband each day. Each day is a treasure and a new experience.

food: Nothing in particular but I absolutely love getting to make meals each day for my husband.  Cooking for someone else makes being in the kitchen such a joy.

excited about: The first day of summer...I always get so excited with the arrival of a new season.

inspiration: Fresh flowers. I really can't get enough of them in my house.

color: white. white everything. Clothes, paint, sheets, dishes. I can't get enough of white. 

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  1. Those are lovely flowers! It's hard to believe that summer is here again already.


thanks for your lovely note!♥