so much to smile about

Reading and thinking about this post today - Smile in Each Moment by Zen Habits

"...remind yourself of what’s happening right now, and see the beauty in it, see the reason to smile. And then smile, externally and internally.
This changes your day, because now instead of being caught up in stress and stories, we are present, and happy. We can be content with every moment.
It changes your life, because too often we miss the smile-ability of life when we are not paying attention."

I have so much to smile about...Like this afternoon while doing that stack of dirty dishes - because that meant I had a husband to cook a meal for. And that really is a reason to smile. It was worth every single one of those dirty dishes.
That even though the weather has been stormy today, I have the ability to see it and experience it.

And I think when you can smile in those moments that seem so hard to, you affect those around you in a positive way. A smile goes such a long ways.

But my favorite reason to smile about right now is that I get so spend my life with someone that loves me. Someone I think the world of.  Someone who is my world.

Loving this song today

Paparazzi by Dallas String Quartet on Grooveshark




One of those laid back gentle days. Days that make me want to be lazy...that makes me turn the soft music on....that make me want to paint..that makes me want to try something different, although I can't figure out what.  One of those days that makes me aware of all the green around me... reminding of the beautiful season of spring that we're in. Reminding me of why I love this time of year so much. It's like everything is new again. For me this year, everything is new.  My life is a whole new lifestyle, my last name is new. I have a new home. I have a whole new reason to love life and be grateful for.  I love that reminder. 


a day with him

The things I get to do everyday with this guy are so fun. Like fishing.  He taught me how to fish, and I couldn't have asked for a better teacher....and I'd say he taught me pretty well 'cause I managed to catch a few! Life with a husband is the best ever! There's nothing like getting to spend the day sitting by the edge of the water with your best friend. Just the two of you all day long with the great outdoors.  oh and I'll take some of that warm weather back...the last few days and we've had extreme cold and snow. I'll take the sunshine back please!