happiness is...

Fresh baked cinnamon rolls.

late night snack of popcorn + fruit smoothie + getting out the old type writer and discovering that it still works. major happiness!

random self portraits.

getting to spend lots of time this week with this cute baby. I just adore him.

finding time to sit down and scrap book a bit and play with some glitter

the deliciousness of a donut.

rainy days and i love you notes

Love You Till The End (Bonus track) by The Pogues on Grooveshark

listening to this pretty song


life is beautiful

Love having this reminder on my bedroom wall...to see it every day and be reminded that life is special....that through all the unpleasantness and stings, there is still something to be grateful for...still something that is beautiful.

Inspired to do this after seeing this lovely inspiration and tutorial from Pencil Box. I couldn't wait to do it after seeing hers! I used all silver glitter for my letters...wanted it to go more along with a winter theme oh! and it was so fun gluing all that glitter on! I'd make one again just to do that!

And I finally glittered a little cardboard house all up! Saw so many cute ones online, and I must admit, I wasn't too creative with mine, but I think I like that it's simple. It makes me smile when i see it!


inspiration right now

Tailor-Made Bride by
Karen Witemeyer - only 2 chapters into the book, but it looks promising! Don't normally read this style of book, but it's nice to read something light for a change.

listening: Falling and Flying by Mindy Gledhill. Such a pretty tune!

loving: bling. glitter. sequins. anything that is all glittery and sparkly! ( my new favorite accessory being the cutest pair of sparkly toms my sweet friends gave me!)

food: cheez-itz. (don't laugh! a person's gotta indulge in not-so-good-for-you food once in a while!) but yeah, they taste to yummy.

excited about: the fact that we're in a new year now, and excited for the new opportunities it's bringing.

inspiration: the friendships in my life right now.

color: white. so clean, so fresh, so exciting!

oh and I totally should have posted my last post sooner....because as soon as I did, what do we get but snow!! oh oh oh!



Sorting through past years winter photos today, and ohhhh. big mistake. I want snow now. Bad. This crazy weather thinks it's spring...no snow yet, and no really cold weather! Winter where are you? It would be sooo lovely to wake up to inches of beautiful snow outside my window! Snow inspires me. Snow makes me all warm and happy inside!

Guess till we get some ( or IF we ever get some!) I'll just have to content myself with dreams of snow.


hello to the new year

And the new year has arrived.....and one can't help but feel the anticipation and excitement of what it might bring. I think back on last year and think how much happened....the events that shaped character, the heartache that brought tears, the new additions to the family that brought such joy, the little moments that made me so grateful, the mistakes made, the new places I got to go and see. Realizing how every single one of those things was meant for me...was meant to make me a better person, to shape my character, to draw me closer to God, to make me cherish life even more. But even more, once again seeing Gods faithfulness in every circumstance and detail of the past year. Seeing Him faithful in all that he said he would be!

Last year was a beautiful year. This year is going to be even better. I just know.