inspiration right now

Tailor-Made Bride by
Karen Witemeyer - only 2 chapters into the book, but it looks promising! Don't normally read this style of book, but it's nice to read something light for a change.

listening: Falling and Flying by Mindy Gledhill. Such a pretty tune!

loving: bling. glitter. sequins. anything that is all glittery and sparkly! ( my new favorite accessory being the cutest pair of sparkly toms my sweet friends gave me!)

food: cheez-itz. (don't laugh! a person's gotta indulge in not-so-good-for-you food once in a while!) but yeah, they taste to yummy.

excited about: the fact that we're in a new year now, and excited for the new opportunities it's bringing.

inspiration: the friendships in my life right now.

color: white. so clean, so fresh, so exciting!

oh and I totally should have posted my last post sooner....because as soon as I did, what do we get but snow!! oh oh oh!


  1. those pictures are so gorgeous!! oh and i love white too :) xo


  2. I got "Taylor-Made Bride" for free. I haven't read it yet, but hearing what you said, I think I should :)

  3. The sparkly toms sound gorgeous! And I'm loving white right now too. It's so simple, bright, and pretty!

    xo, gina



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