life is beautiful

Love having this reminder on my bedroom wall...to see it every day and be reminded that life is special....that through all the unpleasantness and stings, there is still something to be grateful for...still something that is beautiful.

Inspired to do this after seeing this lovely inspiration and tutorial from Pencil Box. I couldn't wait to do it after seeing hers! I used all silver glitter for my letters...wanted it to go more along with a winter theme oh! and it was so fun gluing all that glitter on! I'd make one again just to do that!

And I finally glittered a little cardboard house all up! Saw so many cute ones online, and I must admit, I wasn't too creative with mine, but I think I like that it's simple. It makes me smile when i see it!


  1. I tried to leave a comment on the last post, but for some strange reason the computer decided it didn't want me to. :}
    Since you like white and glitter so much, you should check out the picture Angela did on www.lamariephotography.com

    Your house is cute. :)

  2. oh, so pretty! i will have to try something like this someday! :)

  3. this is perfection! so happy you got to make the tutorial your own!



thanks for your lovely note!♥