goodbye november

I feel kinda sad that it's the last week of November. Kinda means fall is over and Christmas will soon be here and then the new year.  I think i want to hold on to fall longer because it feels like for the first time I really got to enjoy and savor every moment of it.  It held so many new experiences, adventures, lots of long walks, being outdoors, time with family.... It was the start of a new relationship, a relationship that has been beyond my wildest dreams. 

So grateful for all the past few months have brought - God has been so good to me - I don't deserve one bit of it!  

I know the winter months will be just as good - even better I'm sure, but there's just something inside me that wants to hold onto fall just a bit longer because it's been so special for me!



Two months ago this amazing guy came into my life....he's become the most special person to me over the last two months...become my best friend and companion. I honestly could not imagine my life without him!

Happy birthday Jacob!
Love you so so much♥



Can't get enough if these pretty vibrant colors. They make me so happy!