oh lovely friday♥

Oh today has been simply lovely. Every moment of it. But I am glad the weekend is here. The rest of this week has been very long and tiring and I'm looking forward to getting some projects done over the weekend. And with this beautiful weather, I want to be outside so badly!

Loving these (photos above) gorgeous flowers, and they smell soooo good! They should pattern a perfume off of them..!

Excited that this book is out.

Me thinks this printed masking tape by Ruche is adorable! Would be so fun to use in scrapbooking.

oh and who didn't think the Royal wedding today was simply beautiful?!!! ( didn't you love all the hats the ladies wore?! that's so not fair that they have that fashion and we don't!)

May your weekend be full of lovely moments♥


hello again

source unknown

source source

I've fallen in love with stripes. Stripes of all sort. Dresses, shirts, jewelry, shoes.

Especially striped shoes.


hello monday

Hello lovelies! I am taking a break from blogging for a while, hope to be back in a week or two! ♥♥♥


inspiration: white

source unknown ( let me know if you know the source!)


source- me

Am simply loving everything white right now. That totally makes me smile. A few years ago I used to abhor white, and swear that I would *never* have anything white in my house someday. Ha! That sure has changed! I even bought a set of white dishes today to add to my stash, and I just looooove them! White is so clean and fresh, and just plain happy!

oh, and don't you just love that picture of the white Volkswagen Beetle?! *sigh* my dream car.

A pleasant weekend to you all♥