inspiration: white

source unknown ( let me know if you know the source!)


source- me

Am simply loving everything white right now. That totally makes me smile. A few years ago I used to abhor white, and swear that I would *never* have anything white in my house someday. Ha! That sure has changed! I even bought a set of white dishes today to add to my stash, and I just looooove them! White is so clean and fresh, and just plain happy!

oh, and don't you just love that picture of the white Volkswagen Beetle?! *sigh* my dream car.

A pleasant weekend to you all♥


  1. white is the best colour in the world :)

  2. I can just picture you driving that car someday.:)
    Spring is here, or is it summer?:}

  3. ah. so beautiful.
    i love the shelving with cups....

  4. I find you and I have such similar tastes! I adore white and just beautiful soft colours. You have such a lovely blog. xx


thanks for your lovely note!♥