green things

I never thought I would like plants. Always disliked them growing up. Hated having to water them and the mess they made when they would get knocked over, but guess what.. but now that I have my own home I find myself liking them and even wanting to plant a garden! I love that feeling of getting something to grow and look pretty! I can totally understand my moms love for plants now. Unfortunately the garden thing didn't work out for this year ( maybe next year!) but I did manage a few potted plants and herbs - thanks to my mom!  Only have a few succulents so far but plan on expanding that collection!

 Oh and I've only killed one so far so that isn't too bad?  Love having a bit of outdoors inside, and loving that I can walk out my back door and have fresh herbs to cook with.



Making: little things for our baby.
Drinking: water - lots of it.
Reading: 'The Help" and pregnancy books. getting back into reading has been so refreshing. 
Wanting: to complete so many projects. 
Looking: for ideas for our home.
Playing: with fabric. 
Wishing: for more self motivation. 
Enjoying: a strawberry and kale smoothie.
Liking: evenings with my husband.
Going: to miss my younger sister who's moving away soon.
Wondering: what life will be like with a baby, what type of parent I will be.
Loving: anything that is the color, mustard yellow. 
Hoping: for success in new ventures.
Marveling: at this little one growing inside me.
Smelling: summer evening air.
Wearing: shorts and t-shirt - literally one of the only 5 things that fits me.
Following: my dreams of being a wife and  mother. 
Noticing: how fast life goes by and how fast it changes. trying to make every moment count.
Thinking: constantly about the baby.
Feeling: so loved.
Bookmarking: baby clothes to make.
Giggling: with my best friend, every single day. he makes me so happy.
Feeling: grateful. So very grateful.


pink and pink

Wishing so much these blossoms would last all year. I can't get enough of their pink beauty.