fall goodness

I love living in a small farming community. Especially in the fall!

Goodness. I love fall so so much!


hello fall ♥

So happy fall is finally here! I've been wanting it for the past month so so badly! I'm so loving the cooler temperatures, the slowly changing leaves...and goodness, I've been waiting forever to wear fall clothes! Boot weather is my favorite.

But most of all, I think I'm looking forward to fall because of the new experience, the new relationship in my life...it's all going to take on a new perspective. I loving every moment so far.

Read this short post on Zen Habits today - "The only way to Respond to Life"  Made me smile because its so true.

Loving this song so much right now.

nothing was stolen (love me foolishly) by Phosphorescent on Grooveshark


this week

This week has pretty much been the best ever. So beyond anything I ever thought or dreamed it would be.   Every time I think about it I smile, and know I don't deserve it.

This lovely song has been on repeat all week. ♥  

I'm Into Something Good by The Bird and the Bee on Grooveshark

So incredibly happy.



Came across this pin on pinterest this evening. Such a simple statement but oh so true. I know I would do well to remember it more often. Amazing what a simple smile can do for yourself as well as others. Has the impact to change a life, to uplift and encourage someone, and think how so easy it is to smile! Taking this quote with me into this next week because no matter what i know there's always something to smile about, and hello...that's what we're designed to do! ;)

Have a beautiful week lovelies!!