hello monday

A little bit of advice for myself for this week.
Here's to a fabulous week. ♥


interior inspiration

The internet is endless with inspiration! sometimes it's overwhelming. Loving finding new ideas and inspiration for our new home. Loving black and white. And gold. How anyone ever makes up their mind on any one idea I'll never know. I can't -I like too many things!


new everyday

One thing I've really been loving is the everyday of life with a husband and new home.  Loving finding that new everyday routine...loving sharing my life with him.  Married life is so much better than I've ever thought it would be. There's nothing like waking up beside you best friend every single  morning. Nothing like seeing his smile everyday. Nothing like the smell of his coffee every morning. Nothing like the sound of him playing his guitar. Nothing like hearing the words "i love you" every single day.  ♥

Remind me I'm not dreaming!


new beginnings

I know spring has been here for over a month now but it just now feels like it has arrived! Trees and bushes are blooming all over and everything is slowly turning a vibrant green..I love it so much! I can't get enough of those flowering pink trees!  Yesterday the sun was shining and the weather was beautiful so it called for a long walk through parks and woods with my husband.  Just the two of us, with our cameras and the quiet surroundings. Oh it was blissful! I'm enjoying married life so very much. It's all so different and new but so incredible! I love being married to the best man in the world! I am so undeserving of him.  Loving each new day and the absolute joy it brings with it.