I know christmas is over, but I meant to post these pictures a few days ago, but never got around to it! Better late than never, right?! These are ornaments my Dad and his family used on their tree growing up. I just *love* them all! I wish I knew the memory behind each one of them. Some of them have names on them, some have been hand decorated, some handmade. (I only took pictures of a few.) I wish I could go back in time!
So how was your christmas? Mine was simply lovely! ( but of course, without any snow!) I'll share pictures soon. Right now I'm working on some year end projects, and getting ready for the new year. I love this time of year!
Hope you all have a lovely day!♥


  1. those are so pretty-I love the colors!! :)

  2. Of course it's not too late. We don't un-decorate until the beginning of Jan. Great colors


thanks for your lovely note!♥