weekend catch-up

ohhh goodness....what a weekend!!! So much crammed into it, so many special moments...late nights, places to go, christmas movies, music, tiredness...(especially the tiredness...but oh so worth it!) Believe me when I say I didn't have time to post over the weekend!

All dressed up in my fancy clothes and favorite pumps for a Ladies Christmas Tea. Oh it was so festive and cozy! Had a delicious brunch, lovely music and a wonderful talk on the gifts we have to offer to others during the christmas season. This sparkly little gift ornament was given to all of us that attended as a reminder to give of ourselves this season ( and always, of course) because God gave of himself when He sent his only son to earth on Christmas. So amazing to think about!

okay, so this next picture wasn't technically taken on the 4th, but the picture of that day is a personal one that I'd rather not share on here, but I took this one the day before. I wasn't planning on putting any Christmas decorations up in my bedroom ( I'm such a Grinch, I know) but my sister suddenly gave me the idea to string all our vintage ornaments around the room from the ceiling, so I thought why not..... so she and I spent an hour or so stringing them all up ( you know how hard that is?) it was so fun...and it was fun to having some sister time together! So now the room looks all cheery! I'm just hoping none of those strings come down...'cause if they do, it will take me all year to clean up that much broken glass ( we must have stung around 60 or so ornaments) and I'll cry my heart out too!


Okay, Old Navy get soooo creative every year at Christmas with their sacks. I'm reallllly loving the design this year...I'm saving this bag to use for wrapping paper..won't that be the cutest?

And a song to go with it.....this song has been my favorite for the past few years.

I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day by Casting Crowns on Grooveshark


  1. Lovely photos! Would you mind if I went along with December daily? I've already been taking a photo everyday, but I wasn't sure if I could do it, too.

  2. Oh, this is fun to read. I haven't been taking pictures, but I have been writing down what special "Christmasy" thing I did in my journal each day.

  3. such a good idea to string ornaments across your room! i bet it looks soo whimsical walking in there!

    love your photos as always. you are so amazing and i love you!

  4. oh Alannah! you should totally play along...it's so incredibly fun!


thanks for your lovely note!♥