december daily

All dressed up for going out and running some errands. Rocking the Christmas tunes in the car...finally starting to feel in the Christmas mood. Seeing all the stores all decked out in lights and pretty decorations helped! Decided Friday was a bad day to do shopping, too many people out...your always bumping into someone in the isles oh, and I got the squeaky cart too. Every one was staring at me. ( like I could do anything about it! ) Next time I'm going early morning. oh and I got two presents bought. That's a plus..feels like I'm finally starting to get somewhere in regards to Christmas shopping!

Weekend, here I come.


  1. it'll be fun to see what you're doing every day :)

  2. i agree with Abigail. i am going to love this! ♥

  3. I add my agreement too. :) This is going to be fun. Hope you have a lovely weekend!

  4. Yes, it sure will be fun. Blessings on your weekend~ =)

  5. ha ha i'm always the one to get the squeaky shopping cart ha! lovely blog =) xx


  6. everything about this photo is gorgeous. <3 can't wait for the next december daily!


thanks for your lovely note!♥