six and seven

I'm loving doing these pictures every day! loving that I'm capturing this season of life....this very special season! Stayed up pretty late this night trying to finish up a project. Lots of tea and music to go with it. Just curled up on the couch, turned the christmas lights on and worked away until the wee hours!

It doesn't get much better than an entire day of mall shopping with mom and sisters!

1. A cosmetic display...huuuge paper flowers and glittery things...someone was amazingly creative!.
2. Nope, I didn't leave the store without this top. (It had my name on it, how could I? )

3.Forever 21 has the prettiest girly things ever....
4. Can a take-out soup bowl get any cuter than this one? I'd eat soup every day from them just to out of this bowl!
5. More paper and glittery goodness...so much prettiness to take in!
6. I love fashion glasses.
7. Okay, I wanted these sparkly Bob's shoes sooooo badly, I mean, how cute would they be to wear?! but my pocket book didn't like the price.... ( maybe for christmas? ( hint hint, sis!)
8. I love the soft pinks, creams, and browns that are everywhere....so soft and feminine and oh so pretty!

9. I want t
his for christmas. :)


  1. You have quite the wish list, Girl. :) I had to chuckle over those glasses because it wasn't that long ago that small glasses were the rage. Hope you are enjoying your Christmas shopping and other Christmas things. :) <3 U!

  2. what a lovely idea to capture the holiday season... by taking a photo each day... i love them all =) and i love your blog, i literally just read back to march haha... its so simple and neat... love it =) xx

  3. a full day at the mall would be sooo aWEsome and fun!!! I loove that top in number 2!!!!!


thanks for your lovely note!♥