christmas is almost here....!

12. 13.11
Made one huge mess on the floor making Christmas presents for little kiddos at school....there's something so fun about making Christmas presents late night.

I finally made a snow globe....it's the cutest thing ever!!!It was soooooo easy to make and I can't stop shaking it and watching the pretty glitter float down!

Okay so this isn't what I wanted a picture of for today! Today was the last day of school so we colored and painted Christmas pictures for an hour or so as something fun to do...and it's no fun watching so I joined in on the fun! What I really wanted today's picture to be was when we went caroling for the evening with a small group of friends. After caroling we the rest of the evening drinking cider and playing games...it was such a special evening, but of course I forgot to take a picture....bummer!

And gone again today with Christmas activities and get-togethers with friends....and no picture!this is from earlier in the week....my sister has her room all done up in silver, white and purple for Christmas, and it's soooo pretty! It's like a little fairy tale room

I've taken waaaay to many pictures of the ornaments on our tree already!

Lounging in my bedroom all day....reading, talking with sisters eating chocolate, playing around with a fish eye lens...an all around lazy, cozy afternoon. A random picture of a random moment! ( just pretend my room is all clean..k?)

Sick today, so nothing except for lounging around and drinking lots of tea. I did manage to get a few Christmas presents wrapped but that was about it. Feels so odd to be doing nothing after so may weeks of business and going someplace all the time. And I must admit, I sorta wanted to be sick. Yup, I know. that's crazy, but it's true, so I'm going right along with it!

Only 5 days still Christmas!!! la la la!


  1. These are so beautiful. And I a sick as a dog AGAIN for the second time this month. Pooey.

  2. oh I love all these photos!! esp the one with the fish eye lens! <3

  3. the fish eye lens is cool! S's room must be soo pretty!!!

  4. Such fun. I'd love to see what S's room looks like. I had to smile over "your room". :) I know how strange it can be to be super busy and then have nothing you have to do. I love it 'cause then I can go read. :)


thanks for your lovely note!♥