anthropologie christmas


I seriously love Anthropologies style for Christmas...love the crisp whiteness with neutrals....I love how they are so simple, yet make a huge statement. Especially love the glass trees...oh so pretty!

Snow globes are something I'm really into this Christmas.... and Anthro just uses mason jars for these...how simple is that? This would be the perfect diy for Christmas..I'm really going to try this.

*sigh* so much christmas goodness everywhere! I can't take it all in!


  1. Those snow globes are really cute. Just add a few little people and you'd have a darling one.

  2. I love the snowglobes. I think that I'll need to make one. Thanks so much for visiting my blog, by the way! Your comments made my day. Really and truly.

  3. oh those are pretty! when N first saw the post title, he thought you meant the science field of anthropology and wondered what you were into now!! :)

  4. My Dear, where have you been? Are you just going to leave us wondering what fun Christmasy things you've been doing?


thanks for your lovely note!♥