weekend loveliness

How beautiful it is to rest, and then do nothing afterward.- unknown

Exactly my thoughts about the last weekend. It was spent with family. Nights were spent in a cabin, and the days out on the boat. It felt so amazing to just relax and do absolutely nothing. I can't remember the last time I did that. I love being out on the water, (Of course I won't mention part about the nasty sunburns and ugly peeling skin) I love feeling the breeze, I love water sports, I love time spent with family...oh it was a lovely weekend!

I want to do it again.


  1. If just so happened that I was just wishing you would post and behold, here it is.:)

    Oh that looks like such fun! I love water. At least I think I do.:) So glad you had a lovely time.:)

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  3. omgoodness it looks like sooso much fun! Im jealous.

  4. love your picture of the sea! it's definitely a glimpse of true beauty captured on film. /hope you're going well &hope to hear from you soon, love xx


thanks for your lovely note!♥